Procrastination Tip #1


Procrastination Tip #1:  Just Take the First Step

Procrastination is a deadly trap, but you can overcome it.  Research has found that once you take a first step, no matter how small (like look up one phone number for a million-call telephone campaign), your brain will want you to continue.

Once you have your brain on your side, you are on the way to getting the work done.  Break down the big project, find one tiny step you can take right now, and do that one tiny step only.  If you want to keep working after that first step, absolutely do so, but if not, let that first step percolate in your brain.  Feel (and act on) the urge to do one more tiny step tomorrow.

Even if you just take one tiny step a day, that is more than you were doing in Stuck Mode, so give yourself some credit, and build on your success, however tiny.  Just take that first step.

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