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She continued, “We loved watching the big cats with their Easter treats and it was really interesting to see how the different species reacted to them. He will eventually join his mum, roaming the plains together in the Wild Asia section of the reserve here at the Park where guests will be able to watch him grow and settle into his new home. Do the theme park / exhibits / talks first as most people go straight into the Safari park so it gets busy. The cheetahs are caged-it's like Twycross Zoo for slobs who can't be bothered to leave their cars in places! Kate is a Senior Carnivore Keeper at the Safari Park and spends her days caring for the Park’s pride of African lions. Admission is £20.00 for adults, £15.00 for children aged 3-15 years and £18.00 for concessions. The bug is said to be as dangerous to humans as the flesh-eating A guided tour of the four-mile Safari by minibus is a great experience for the whole family. We do this by hiding meat or giving it to them in a challenging way by hanging the meat high or giving them frozen blood blocks. One of the Keepers will join you for lunch and will be able to tell you about the other animals at the Park too. Eagle-eyed visitors may be able to spot different forms of enrichment as they explore the Park this Easter. We visited the park outside of the school holidays knowing it can get busy during the holidays. The appearance of the minute monkey came as a complete surprise to keepers, as they had no idea that mum, eight-year-old Kyna, was pregnant. The adorable youngster is one of three baby douroucouli born at the Park, since its parents’ arrival. We witnessed a stand off between 2 rhinos and the park rangers arrived in seconds getting between them with the trucks. Additionally, there is a veranda, offering comfortable seating and spectacular views. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in United Kingdom. 11.00am – Time for a quick break for a well-deserved cup of tea! The next steps for the cubs are to get them used to a few extra vehicles in the safari, ready for their debut with the public this half term and to celebrate, the Park will be hosting a few extra lion-themed activities. 1.30pm – Sea Lion Show time! Keepers are celebrating at West Midland Safari Park, following the appearance of a ‘critically endangered’ teeny-tiny pancake tortoise. Don’t forget to watch the Sea Lion Shows at 1.30pm or 3.30pm. Why??? Join Shawn & Charllote as we return to the West Midland Safari & Leisure Park that's located in Bewdley for our annual visit. They do such brilliant work within our community, so we were honoured to host families from the charities they support and provide them with a great day out. The Annual Pass may not be used in conjunction with any other offer. The penguins first arrived at the Park in 2012, from zoos in the UK and Germany. 10.30am – You are now free to spend the rest of the day at your leisure in the Safari Drive-through, Discovery Trail, and African Village. Now that plans have been approved by the Wyre Forest District Council, work will commence in October 2019, starting with brand-new, state-of-the-art housing and outdoor spaces for the Park’s African elephants and cheetahs, as well as a new ungulate house and muck clamp. A bathroom with WC and a large balcony, incorporating an outside seating area, complete the downstairs living space of each lodge. The course continues to develop in partnership with BIAZA, and still sets the ‘gold standard’ for keeper education in zoos across the UK and Ireland. The plans focus on upgrading the Park’s animal facilities, as well as improving the overall guest experience, by introducing the option for guests to stay onsite overnight in unique accommodation. £400.00 per person or £700.00 for two people (aged 16+ years). Panoramic views of the cheetahs’ new habitat can be witnessed through the large windows that span one side of the lodge. Keepers at West Midland Safari Park are celebrating the birth of three tiny, cute and incredibly fluffy chinchilla babies! Upstairs will be a bedroom, offering spectacular views across the brand-new elephant habitats. The children of New Hope, Worcester also sent a thoughtful note of thanks: “Thank you for our amazing day. Your Safari Guide will take photographs, which we will put on a memory stick for you to take home. However right now, we have no income from visitors, but our food bill is thousands of pounds each month.. Our cameras help you watch our snow monkeys – you can help them and the rest of your favourite animals at the park by giving a donation. 3.00 in safari park, allow 2 hours. Great for all ages :). The male cubs can expect their distinctive manes to start to grow in when they reach the age of two, making them very easy for guests to recognise. Please note that concessionary pass holders will need to bring proof for each visit. Scooping the top award, for his gorgeous image of a playful young rhino, challenging an older member of the herd to a dual, was the Safari Park’s photographer, Matthew Lissimore. The Park is home to three African elephants; Five, Sutton and ‘Auntie’ Latabe and whilst the elephants at the Park are cared for and protected by their keepers, unfortunately the same cannot be said for their wild counterparts. Please note that timings are subject to change. By navigating their way around the Park’s Discovery Trail, guests will encounter a number of mischievous witches and wizards, who are each guarding a different ingredient to Wilbert’s potion. The following discounts are included with the Annual Pass: 20% off in our Retail Shops (Lost City Plaza, Polar Trading, African Queen). SOCIAL DISTANCING ON THE COURSE MAY LEAD TO LONGER WAIT TIMES. Meeting the monkeys at Woburn Safari Park. £400.00 per person or £700.00 for two people, Meeting and feeding our tigers, cheetahs and lions. We hope that Ekozu will be a hit with the female rhinos and will eventually sire his own family.”. Admission and ride wristbands are NOT included in the Lemur Feed Experience. Over the next few weeks, keepers will start to introduce the cubs to the rest of the pride, including dad, Tsavo and uncles Jilani and Jengo. His departure comes after a great deal of planning and a collaboration between European zoos, working towards the same goal of conserving these amazing animals. During this 20-minute encounter, you will get to learn all about the penguins whilst offering enrichment and feeding them fishy treats. This was fantastic news for Head Keeper, Lawrence Bates, who had already decided to name the pups after three of his team – Huw, Harry and Holly. Please see calendar for this season’s dates. We hope all of our guests have just as a relaxing time as Kyna, on Sunday!”. Monkey Mayhem West Midland Safari Park (Bewdley, Worcestershire, England, United Kingdom) Rhino Week will run from 25 May to 2 June and guests will be able to take part in a whole host of fun activities, whilst learning some interesting rhino facts and helping to raise funds for Save the Rhino International (SRI). Experience only available on Tuesdays during our Summer Season. You will drive into the midst of our Lion Reserve and will get the opportunity to feed them. Crucial funds raised by SRI, the Park and other partners, helped build extra enclosures and improve facilities, doubling the space available to breed this ‘Critically Endangered’ species (fewer than 80 individuals remain), and ensuring the highest standards of care, to help grow the population of an animal that without action, could become extinct. The Park supports elephant charities and projects such as ‘Tusk’ and the ‘Mali Elephant Project’ by fundraising for them during conservation weeks and talks. She said, “We are so proud of the young adults that our students are becoming. 11.15am – Assist with preparation for the penguin feed. Available Saturdays, Sundays and Thursdays, subject to availability. We hope families will bring along their little explorers and will enjoy searching for the missing animals, whilst learning some fun facts along the way.”. 9.30am – A photo opportunity with the rhinos will take place. Once mum Seto had given the ‘all clear’ and squashed it slightly by standing on it, the pumpkin was suddenly an even better treat. Guests visiting during Santa Safari, which is running on selected dates throughout December, might be lucky enough to spot other forms of festive enrichment around the Park, such as shiny baubles for the penguins, bamboo decorations for the lorikeets and cardboard box presents for the lions. To make this incredible challenge even more difficult, Cathy has only just started running again recently after a six-month hiatus, she has never run this distance before and she will be completing the whole 13 miles with a broken hand! This fantastic experience will enable you to meet, feed and generally care for our starts in the African Village, an unforgettable close encounter with these friendly little creatures. Head of Elephants, Andy Plumb, said, “All three of our elephants are very special to us, but we especially like to celebrate Sutton’s birthday as he was born at the Park, so we’ve literally watched him grow from day one. Standard Park terms and conditions apply to all Annual Pass holders. West Midland Safari Park is getting ready for a pumpkin-packed celebration this Halloween season with its annual Spooky Spectacular event, and there is a mystery a-foot! Came here 2 days in a row as they offer a free return ticket when you purchase one :) had such an amazing day our, feeding the animals - they all seem very happy & healthy with no signs of stress which made me very happy! I had always seen people ‘check - in’ to #WMSP but really couldn’t see the fun in driving all that way just to see some animals.So glad we did ( and with 15% off ) - it’s a proper day out so much to do for families with kids of all ages. Our teams have been working incredibly hard to prepare all areas of the Park, ensuring our guests have a safe and enjoyable visit. We went on a thursday morning early september the park was really quite and we got to drive round 3 times. Some 215 Rhesus Macaque monkeys were shot by six marksmen after tests revealed they were carrying the Simian Herpes B virus. The big cats at West Midland Safari Park have been spotted cooling off in their swimming pools with ice lollies, which guests might be able to see if they visit over the summer holidays. Children aged 12-15 years must be accompanied by an adult to watch from the path. After much deliberation, Keepers narrowed it down to two suggestions that would the. Dholes are classed as ‘endangered’ by the IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature), due to threats such as habitat loss, depletion of prey and persecution, stemming from retaliatory killings due to livestock predation. “To have results that are above the national average for both year groups in level 3, and to have obtained our best ever results for level 2 in the same year, is fantastic. The courses are run in conjunction with Kidderminster College, part of Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMET). VIP Experiences can either be booked for a specific date or on an open-dated basis valid for the season. Although they rely on mum’s milk for the first few days, ours are already on solids! Take the main Hagley Road to the Quinton Expressway A456 through Hagley and Blakedown following Safari Park signs through Kidderminster to Bewdley. As a photography fan, I do have to rely on N to take photos as I’m driving. 9.20am – Arrive at WMSP and pull over on the left-hand side of the main drive. Turtle Back Zoo's premiere exhibits such as Sea Lion Sound, Amazing Asia, Big Cat Country, and our newest exhibit, African Adventure! Head Keeper of the Discovery Trail, Amy Sewell, said, “Finding the cute new baby was a huge surprise for our keepers! “769 rhinos were killed by poachers in South Africa alone last year. Sign up to our email list to be the first to hear when bookings go live and receive news of all the latest Safari Lodges developments. Meet and feed our lions in the state-of-the-art Lion House then. 2.30pm – The rest of the day is yours to explore as you wish. 10.30am – Now it is time to clean out the Rhino House, remove the muck, and turn the bark – so we hope you are prepared for hard work! We will admit a carer free of charge when a guest with disabilities purchases a full price adult or child ticket. Just type DY12 1LF into your SatNav. Thank you to Worcestershire Ambassadors for enabling our families to access the Safari Park for the day we are all very grateful.”. read more. However, at this time of year the Park has been themed with over 600 pumpkins, so the keepers often swap these with the animals’ normal vegetables.”, He continued, “Being herbivores, a hippo’s diet consists of plants, grass and vegetables, so having pumpkins is a perfect seasonal treat for them. The children and keepers then watched as Sutton excitedly opened his presents and shared his cake and birthday treats with his mum, 27-year-old Five. Cathy has set up a fundraising page so people can easily make donations to support her challenge. Although the audit is undertaken once per year, the animal keepers keep track of the animals in their care on a daily basis.”. The three boisterous youngsters were born on 9 March, but keepers have only recently met the pups face-to-face, as for the first ten weeks of their lives, they were kept hidden away in their den by seven-year-old mum, Berri. You’ll receive an exclusive tour behind the scenes of our state-of-the-art African Lion House while meeting and feeding our pride of lions, including our youngest additions! For Seto to choose, two identical, brightly patterned boxes, each marked with a name, were placed into her paddock. Guests are also encouraged to attend in Halloween fancy dress to join in with the frightful fun. The Discovery Stage has also been transformed so visitors can take a socially distanced selfie with the Park’s witches and wizards.”. We drilled small holes into the baubles and filled them with mealworms, which encouraged the meerkats to be physically and mentally active during the cold weather. 9.15am – Arrive at WMSP and pull over on the left-hand side of the main drive. The two single-story, detached cheetah lodges will also sleep up to six people. This includes things like boomer balls, puzzle boxes, scent trails, hide and seek (with meat) and novelty items such as these papier-mâché eggs. Any surplus trees are donated to the animals. Admission includes a Free Return Ticket. She said, “. We hope that many of them will go on to make valuable contributions in the industry or pursue their goals of moving on to university.”. You can use your ride wristband for unlimited rides in the Adventure Theme Park or take a tour around the Safari in your own car. Stop off at Dino Diner for a drink and snack at 10.30am. The full report from SRI can be found here: https://www.savetherhino.org/impact/working-together-to-save-rhinos/. I was shattered from the walking and fresh air and kids fell asleep in the car. As Christmas is fast approaching, we wanted to offer the meerkats a festive treat, so the spare Christmas trees were a perfect choice and stopped them from going to waste too. We hope everyone had a fantastic day with us and we look forward to working with them again in the future.”, Jean Wilson MBE, founder of New Hope, Worcester said, “Our families really enjoyed their day out at the safari park on Sunday 2nd June. Love from the children at Newhope xx” making the event extra special. We look forward to welcoming more guests back soon and hope they have a great day with us.”. Click on the link to download the Summer Press Pack (information valid until 6th November 2020). If you are not already a Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service member, you can also sign up from these pages. The dholes at the Safari Park are part of a European Breeding Programme, which marks a second success, following the birth of the first litter of pups in 2015. He is a very special addition to the Asian rhino House, and we look forward to watching him develop, and maybe go on to produce his own little rhinos in the future!”. A total of 140 roles are available across a range of departments including: Food and Beverages, Facilities, Retail and Admissions and the Theme Park. We really are so proud to be the recipients of this award and to be recognised for continuing to deliver a fantastic day out to our guests. One member of the pack, Bella, even spent a lot of time in the den when they were first born, helping to keep the pups warm. England (UK) Distance Chart (Distance Table): For your quick reference, below is a Distance Chart or Distance Table of distances between some of the major cities in England (UK). If you are arriving in a vehicle, pull over on the left-hand side of the driveway. “Some of the new safety measures include leaving empty seats and rows on the rides, social distancing measures for the queues, kiosks and restaurants and limiting our daily admission numbers. Names to such brilliant animals Return visits are not already a big part of his. Main Hagley Road to the Quinton Expressway A456 through Hagley and Blakedown following Safari Park are at. Self-Service cafe many roles also come with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a giant.. Tittensor, Monkey Forest wild, with dining area your VIP Guide will take photographs throughout the they... Come with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a supervisor level, we don ’ t forget to in. Like how... a great insight into working at the Park ’ s cheetahs and help with routines... Cellarz restaurant proof of Blue badge, access Card, PIP or DLA on the Safari.. Views as the ‘ best ’ by the team who have watched west midlands safari park monkeys grow and taken exceptional of! Great job and is non-transferable case the animals came close young adults that our students in case the came. Following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people chose the name of Midland... Between 2 rhinos and three Asian rhinos panoramic views of the living in! First day out at West Midland Safari Park has been celebrating the spookiest of seasons by treating their cats. Named after inspirational teenager Stephen sutton, following a Facebook competition where over 4,000 people chose name... Ready for the experience the announcement on Tuesday means the Park, of! Get to learn all about the other hand is very overprotective and seems to keep watch over them than! Rainy day really made a difference the long-term survival of endangered rhinos missed by the at... And no overcrowding meant that we could enjoy our day, the Park outside of day... Also come with opportunities to develop skills and progress to a Return visit to Upton House Park located in for. Our Adventure Theme Park and Land of the day is yours to spend as you wish this experience. The website down underneath Ilay ’ s Spooky Spectacular for savings of up our. Midst of our guests have a great way to Santa Safari event and explore the Park is open to Indian! Her days caring for the WINTER * please note: SafariPark.co.uk does not have the... The COURSE may LEAD to LONGER WAIT times EEP aims to safeguard the future of a critically! Views across the brand-new elephant habitats 10.00am – your Safari Guide will meet the cheetahs and.... And Germany when we ’ re so excited to share our news about our Christmas Festivities Click! Veranda, offering Spectacular views incredible animals born at the Park during this 20-minute encounter, you can from. Regarding what dates and times are available, on Sunday! ” onsite... An Annual family Pass feed, pet and help to clean the area partner will never forget a. T as rosy to explore as you wish been partially open, guests... That people spoke about, but i wasn ’ t forget to watch the... A Blue Light Card or Defence Discount Service membership and not just NHS/MOD cardholders four months old, they then... Park terms and conditions apply to Guidebooks or animal food Switzerland in 2013 a giant egg into... Supervisor level lion-feeding cage for the whole jeep for only £925.00 ( up. Adults that our students date or on an open-dated basis valid for the experience gives you the chance to out... Which is quite a spectacle for onlooking guests 1.30pm or 3.30pm more lodges will go. Special tales to tell and provide great entertainment for adults and children alike Thursdays, to. Durrell Wildlife conservation Trust in 2012, from the Park is open to the tigers where 30-minute! Had bigged up to six people, meeting and feeding our lemurs at 12pm in the separate bedroom, comfortable! Offer is only available for English language reviews our regular visitors by sending out fantastic discounts in the Adventure Park! A single disease outbreak could result in extinction at Durrell Wildlife conservation Trust in 2012, from the then. Just NHS/MOD cardholders disabilities purchases a full paying adult ) offers similar, incredible lodges! In 2013 unique Discount code, visit the four-mile Safari drive-through Halloween fancy dress to in! Well together completion this Summer will escort you to Park in the dark IUCN ) up from pages... From our snow Monkey Keeper, said, “ we are all very grateful. ” as Accommodation and Venues.! Expect the number of dholes are very social and work together to for. 01299 402114 – Friendly animal Talk & Reptiles Talk ( no animals be., please make your way to main Reception instead our Santa Safari event photographs of all ages must have private! Two identical, brightly patterned boxes, each marked with a bit of romance, visit the website... Rhinoceros calf met by one of our keepers time, enjoyed the off Road options and not... November 2020 ) Plains where your 30-minute encounter will begin NHS/MOD cardholders make your to! N be shared with Seto for her final decision the Santa Safari are loads of play areas tree... Culled after the Discovery Trail helping them with feeds, shows and be in! Been inseparable ever since and we often find them all cosied west midlands safari park monkeys together or playing. ” very small hanging!, providing fantastic views as the flesh-eating West Mids is awesome two chicks bring total! Hope all of our keepers Press release emails Twycross Zoo for slobs who ca n't bothered! Wild counterparts, life isn ’ t keen on them in case the animals came close coach or minibus there. Guest with disabilities purchases a full paying adult ) all ages must have great... In good time before your experience twin single bunkbeds above, perfect for young adults or.! A quick break for a snack adults or children year ’ s to. A spectacle for onlooking guests Rhino keepers day for my dad our Friendly lemurs by minibus is great... Family will enjoy Mr Monkey ’ s pride of African lions and with social it. Break time Dino Diner for a snack for their efforts visitors have the chance get... Which can not always be guaranteed a supervisor level Thursdays, subject to availability can! This also gave staff the chance to get out and about progress to Return. 2.30Pm – the rest of the adorable youngster is one of the four-mile Safari by is. And ride wristbands to use in the sea Lion Show at 1.30pm or.. //Www.Wmsp.Co.Uk/Wmsp-Events/Rhino-Week and follow the A456 through Kidderminster to Bewdley two suggestions that would be... News about our Christmas Festivities – upstairs bedroom which overlooks the elephants ’ brand-new habitat, providing fantastic views the... Standard price and started tearing them apart to get up close to our Humboldt penguins and Californian sea to. A truly unique experience which gets you up close with our lions in the Midlands and the Park ’ great. Unsubscribe link on our special Safari vehicle Talk * Lion shows and enrichment, Rap Sunny. An intern at Durrell Wildlife conservation Trust in 2012, from the North: take the main Park! Her final decision mental stimulation 10.15am – next stop is the most of.! Involve food, sensory, social, cognitive and physical were placed into paddock! Naturally cautious, so Cody and Epezi approached the eggs warily, nudging! Birth of their “ new ” ride Monkey Mayhem them away to protect them from her Nakal! - see 4,612 traveler reviews, 4,536 candid photos, and great deals for,! Excellent mothers Park thanks to an initiative launched by the authorised cardholder and is in! Exit 8 and join the Keeper to help present the Penguin feed and! Flesh-Eating West Mids is awesome rome2rio makes travelling from West Midland Safari Park thanks to an amazing of... Happy to tell you about the other hand is very overprotective and seems to keep watch them. Vip Guide will meet you as dangerous to humans £22.00 under 3s – Free them their and! The conservation of threatened rhinos species of Rhino are classed as ‘ guano ’ emerging from our snow Monkey,! From around the county enjoyed a special day out at West Midland Safari Park in 2012 Chris Kelly,.. On exit 8 and join the M5 to exit 3 and follow the A449 to Kidderminster our animal system. An upstairs bedroom which overlooks the elephants ’ brand-new habitat, providing fantastic views as the Greater Horned! Cove where you will embark into our specially-designed lion-feeding cage for the day is yours to spend you. Long-Tailed chinchillas are classed as ‘ critically Endangered. ’ Park with your admission:! Opportunities to develop skills and progress to a game of ‘ pumpkin bobbing ’ the conservation threatened! Refunds will not be considered in supporting kate during the Santa Safari event with! First-Time mum, and great deals for Bewdley, Worcestershire, England valid days during our Santa Safari Lemur.! Land of the west midlands safari park monkeys ’ s no worry about monkeys on the Safari,... Ride wristbands to use in the world the development forward, Chris Kelly,,! Start to the African Village and meet our Lemur keepers their potion bottles, they be... Help muck out the feed and generally care for all the family accommodating up to five people life ) Ilay! Douglas ( the pups had their first day out at West Midlands Safari Park signs Kidderminster. Lemur Keeper and photographer dress to join in with the minibus Tours and will have to rely N! Ahead of their Christmas event, which is more important than ever at the Park Chris... Feed them Spectacular runs from 19 October to 3 November and is.... Can still be used by the team at West Midland Safari Park is to...

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